Bringing Mom Back From Dementia


Are you or someone close to you having memory or focus problems? Here is the true story of an elderly woman with severe memory problems and dementia, who experienced a rapid and amazing turn around in a short period of time using natural non-toxic means! The author, Susan Lake, made an intensive search for solutions for her mother’s illness and witnessed a remarkable improvement in her mother’s mental capacity and quality of life, which lasted for many years until her mother’s passing. Susan shares her mother’s story and takes the reader across a sea of misunderstanding about memory and dementia issues, with the wonderful example of her mother’s improvement, and a wealth of information to help those who are suffering due to the diminished capacities of a loved one. The author’s fortitude in seeking answers, instead of just accepting that decline is inevitable for the elderly, gives help and hope to readers everywhere.



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Offers Hope

“This book offers hope and light in what might be viewed as a dark tunnel.”

– Gus

A Must Read

“Susan really did bring back her mum from dementia, a must read for those who care.”

– AC

Helping Loved Ones Suffering From Dementia

Bringing Mom Back from Dementia is an excellent, informative book, well written in simple terms for the average person; not well versed in medical terminology like myself. I highly recommend it for those who want some good, sound, alternative advise for helping loved ones suffering from Dementia. Susan Lake uses many examples from first-hand experience, and the results are very encouraging.”

– DP


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