Susan Lake - Author

Susan Lake, author of Bringing Mom Back From Dementia, spent the last six years of her mother’s life watching her regain her clarity and joy in living.

As she shared her story with friends and acquaintances, she realized there was a lot of misinformation about dementia. Especially lacking was information about the possibility of improving or reversing the symptoms which prompted her to write this book.

Susan’s love of human development has led her to pursue a career as a practicing hypnotherapist and teacher/counselor.

In the course of her work, she has seen many people experience profound awakenings and happy transformations of formerly difficult circumstances. She believes deeply in the vast positive potential every person has within them and uses the tools of her counseling work to help bring that potential into fruition.

This belief in possibility was one of the key factors in seeking answers to her mom’s issues instead of just accepting that decline is inevitable for the elderly.

Susan is, also, a regularly working artist, primarily in art to wear. Her original work, The Tree of Renewal, graces the cover of her book.

The Tree of Renewal